iPad Mini appears in Buyers Guide, but not Apple TV. Way past time to feature it.

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by poe diddley, Mar 27, 2013.


Should the Apple TV be included in the buyer's guide?

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  1. poe diddley macrumors regular

    Jun 5, 2005
    greensboro nc
    I'm aware that the previous reason for not including the Apple TV in the buyers guide was that it was a "hobby", and there wasn't a timeline to base future releases on. But at this point, there have been numerous releases, and several different revisions. However, a quick look at the buyers guide shows the ipad mini, which has only one release.
    Now it seems like you folks are just kinda being stubborn about it.
    It's an official apple device with several versions, so seriously why not include it?
  2. Comeagain? macrumors 68020


    Feb 17, 2011
    Spokane, WA
    It still doesn't have a regular release cycle that can be used to predict upcoming releases.
  3. AQUADock macrumors 65816


    Mar 20, 2011
    The iPad mini could also have an irregular release cycle for all we know. There has been 4 releases for the apple tv so i think its time to be put in the buyers guide.
  4. poe diddley thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 5, 2005
    greensboro nc
    And the ipad mini does with it's one release ? It's not like apple posts a calendar of release dates of all it's products before they come out. All of the release news of every product is based on rumor and speculation up until they actually announce it.
    My point is that the Apple TV actually has a history of previous versions to track, whereas the ipad mini does not. Many apple products are not as regularly updated as you have implied here. Does the Mac Pro always get updated at the same time each year? No. The "release cycle" that you refer to (like the iPhone, which is somewhat typically updated in the fall) is a fairly recent trend that does not apply to the full list of products in the buyers guide.
    So why not include the Apple TV in the lineup? It runs on iOS and is an official apple product with several versions and updates. It just seems like a stubborn excuse not to track it's release history once u look at the buyers guide and realize ipad mini is included with its one release (and therefore no real history to base a "prediction" on).
  5. rmwebs macrumors 68040

    Apr 6, 2007
    Neither did/does the Mac Mini.
  6. rdowns macrumors Penryn


    Jul 11, 2003
    Whether or not a release schedule can be predicted, it belongs in the buyer's guide with an explanation as to why there are no predicted release dates.
  7. eric/ Guest


    Sep 19, 2011
    Ohio, United States
    I think it should be included as well. The buyers guide shouldn't be limited to whether a product is on a regular release cycle. If that's the case, what the heck is the Mac Pro doing on there?
  8. poe diddley thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 5, 2005
    greensboro nc

    Thank you. It now appears in the buyer's guide.

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