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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jazzer15, Sep 22, 2015.

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    I ordered an iPad mini 3 with cellular from Best Buy to replace my wife's broken iPad mini 2. She had a Verizon model, but used T-Mobile on the iPad mini 2 because she rarely uses cellular service -- so the free 200mb per month on T-Mobile was enough. She wants to do the same for the iPad Mini 3, but I am a little confused about how the Apple Sim will work and what to do for maximum future flexibility.

    I understand that if she ever wants to use the iPad on Verizon, cellular service must be set up with them first. Is this possible for an iPad purchased from BB or do you need to purchase an iPad from Verizon if you want the future option of using Verizon service?

    Also, will we need a T-mobile SIM to get the free 200mb without signing up for another T-mobile prepaid package or can that be done using the Apple Sim that comes with the iPad?
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    You can activate the free T-Mobile service using the Apple SIM directly in the iPad settings. You will also likely see a special offer for a 5GB data pass (usable over 5 months) for $10 total if you use the Apple SIM (this can be added on top of the free plan).

    Don't know about Verizon (I never considered them due to their stupid device restrictions).
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    I think you just need to order a Verizon sim.
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    Thanks Rigby and Kevin. I'll give Verizon a call. I don't like what they are doing and plan to use T-mobile most of the time, as I mentioned, but there are some places where Verizon service is better than the alternatives and if I can leave that door open, I would prefer to have the option.
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    when you buy an iPad from the apple online store, you have the option of having them add on a verizon sim card to your order for free of charge, this comes separate from the rest of your order.

    to get a verizon sim, you simply need to take the iPad to a verizon store and agree to sign up in the store

    you can either sign up to verizon on a post paid account ( like take your shareable data and share with with your iPad for $10 extra a month ) or you can get a prepaid account, this is where you insert the unused verzon sim card into the iPad, turn off wifi, and go to cellular settings to sign up a prepaid account directly on the iPad

    nothing you do locks the iPad in any way, you are free to switch carriers anytime you like and there will not be any difference in speeds if you do switch. the iPad will work on LTE on practically any carrier at their full speed

    the only thing to watch out for , is if you activate your apple sim to AT&T, it will become a AT&T sim permanently. and to switch you will have to replace the sim
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    verizon prepaid plans

    1 Gb $20 , 2 gb $30 , 4 gb $40 6 gb $50

    verizon post paid iPad plan
    if you don't already have verizon and just want data
    2 gb $20 , 4 gb $30 , 6 gb $40 , 8 gb $50
    + $10 monthly iPad access

    when you ask about prepaid, check to see if they offer hotspot. they might not.

    t-mobile plans include music freedom, and canada and mexico coverage. prepaid plans do not include data stash
    t-mobile slows your data once you reach your limit, they do not shut it off or charge you an overage.
    1gb $20 / 3gb $30 / 5 gb $40/ 7 gb $50

    t-mobile 200 mb free plan offers no benefits. and once the 200 mb is gone, your iPad is shut off for the rest of the month

    t-mobile had a $10 5 gig 5 month plan once, i do not know if this is still offered
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    Thank you!

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