iPad mini charging problems

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    My iPad mini is having charging problems and I don't know if it's the cables, power adapter, iOS 7 or the device itself.

    Because I have a mini, iPad 4 and a 5s, I have 3 USB cords with the lightening connector. I also have 5, 10 and 12 watt power adapters all of which are supposedly compatible with the mini.

    As I type this post the iPad is plugged into a 10 watt power adapter and my power level is just going down, down, down (19% to 12% in about 1/2 hour). The little lightening sign is next to the battery indicator so supposedly it is charging. Yet, if I just leave the mini in sleep mode it seems to charge, albeit somewhat slowly.

    Using the 5watt adapter, charging is hit and miss. Sometimes it works; sometimes it says "accessory not supported". These are all Apple provided chargers and cables so I don't know what's going on.

    I do swap my cables around quite a bit which is why I'm having problems pinning down what device is the problem. I also can't be completely certain but it seems to me I started having these problems when I upgraded to iOS 7.

    Anyone else having these type of issues?

    P.s. Down to 9% now...
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