iPad Mini constantly rebooting; Applecare question

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    So, the only things I ever won in my life from a raffle are one of those segmented plastic snakes and an iPad Mini. This post is about the iPad Mini.

    Back in May I won the iPad Mini and I've loved using the heck out of this thing. But over the last month or so, since the iOS 7 release as it turns out, the iPad will intermittently reboot during normal operation. By which I mean the screen will fade to black, the Apple logo will appear, and some time later I can use it again. Sometimes it takes like five seconds to reboot, and sometimes it takes five minutes. Any amount of time is frustrating.

    The reboots can happen doing any normal operation of the device. I could be waking it up, using an app, moving apps around, deleting apps. Sometimes it needs to do this reboot operation half a dozen times in a row before it'll stabilize. I've done an iCloud backup and restore, but it hasn't helped any. The next thing I can think to do is take it in to the Apple store and have them ... do some kind of diagnostics? Something? Also, I'm not immediately confident that I can reproduce the issue in front of the Apple store person. I mean, I guess why they call it "intermittent." Are they going to be able to see a ... log or something of the last time the iPad freaked out and rebooted?

    Here's the thing. I didn't buy AppleCare because reasons, but it does appear to still be within its one year warranty (expiring May 2014). Should Apple have to replace this device, are they going to bust my balls over not having AppleCare, and it's going to cost me some significant fraction of the cost of a new iPad Mini to get it replaced? What has your experience been working with the Apple Geniuses in getting weird issues like this resolved?
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    Apple doesn't berate anyone for not purchasing AppleCare.

    Your Mini is under warranty, so take it in and hope you can replicate the issue while in the store.

    I wonder if capturing the event on video would be beneficial, since it is an intermittent issue.
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    Agree with the poster above. Also, they do have diagnostic software that can tell when the iPad rebooted, etc. I once had an iPod touch with battery issues, Genius hooked it up to his computer, clicked a few buttons, and could tell battery was lasting only a few hours each charge. Replaced it right there.

    Just make sure to make an appointment before you go. Easiest eay is to do it from the Apple Store app.

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