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Feb 15, 2021
I have an iPad Mini I got late 2014. Model MD531LL/A, version 9.3.5. whatever that means.
i did use it for flying my drone, but haven't done that lately. Now, just blue-toothed to my bathroom scale.
A month ago it got stuck and eventually crashed losing some of the data saved in the PYLE HEALTH app connected to scale. Looks like all data before 11/23.2022 is still there, plus one entry on 12/24/2022 and two entries on 1/9/2023. I usuallly weigh myself every day, sometimes more than once. So lots of data went missing betweem 11/22/22 and 1/9/23.
I finally got it running again, after several power cycles and was using it successfully for a few weeks, then it gets stuck again a couple days ago, and is really hard to get going again. When able to get in, started PYLE HEALTH app again, several times, looks new, asking for user to create profile. I add my name, and try to add gender, everytime i click on "male" the app closes.
several more power cycles, some times the ipad came up wanting to be activated, as if a new ipad, never used... other times needing to be approved from another device...icloud...more power cycles, and fully charging, now it's up again, app runs, my old profile appears but all recent data is gone again, back to same old data...[ before 11/23.2022 is still there, plus one entry on 12/24/2022 and two entries on 1/9/2023.] so several weeks data gone...

So my question... are there any system files that might have kept that data somewhere?

[on my MacBookPro, a year ago, i lost some Excel spreadsheet data, that i knew had been saved [Cmd-S] because of a crash/reboot lost two weeks of data and after googling found a saved Excel file in
/Users/MYNAME/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Office 2011 AutoRecovery/

so i'm wondering if the iPad might have a copy of the data from PYLE HEALTH app somewhere


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May 16, 2015
Even if iPad would have those saved somewhere, you can’t access them normally. You need to jailbreak your iPad to gain access to iOS filesystem and dig into files to see if the data is still stored somewhere.

Also, I don't quite believe that health app developer would be thorough enough to keep a backup of data file before crashing like excel did, though I have no proof, just my educated guess. Open to be surprised.
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