iPad Mini displaying storage usage much higher than actual

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  1. teefurtree macrumors newbie

    Dec 21, 2014
    I have a 16GB iPad Mini and my usage display is showing that I have used 12.7 GB and have .761 GB free, when in actuality when I add up all the storage usage from each individual app it only adds up to 2.77 GB. I want to free up enough space to update to iOS 8, but I am restricted from this because I apparently don't have enough room. Suggestions?
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    Aug 29, 2014
    1st of all. If you have access to a pc, you can update without needing extra space. However, that doesn't address your mystery. Some apps take up more room than the base installed app... such as a pdf reader that you add a lot of documents to, etc. Also, you could briefly disable iMessage after cleaning all old conversations... You could have a few gb of attachments and such.
    Those are the type of offenders I'd watch out for.
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    Dec 21, 2014
    Thanks @Tycho24, I'll try updating through my PC. I don't use iMessage, any PDF reader or really any apps that could contribute to taking up over 10GB, but I appreciate the insight.
  4. rigormortis, Dec 22, 2014
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    on the iPhone
    go to settings
    storage ( not iCloud )
    manage storage

    it will break down all our storage and tell you specifcally where your memory is going. , by category , like videos, and even apps like GTA III, RAGE HD, Pirates atc.

    from here you can click on each app and see how much documents and data the app is using.

    what does itunes say? does it say you have a lot of "other"

    a possibility is that your iPhone already dowloaded your iOS installer and its sitting on your phone waiting for you to upgrade it

    some people get confused about the storage that itunes reports. sometimes it shows you how much you actually have on your phone, but also what confuses people is it will say what your storage WILL be the next time you click on SYNC or APPLY

    like ill click on my itunes and it will say i only have 500 megabytes left! but if i uncheck music, the free space goes up, indicating that the status bar reflects what your storage will be when you click on sync

    storage available on the iPhone is how much space you have left.

    storage available on itunes, can be different depending on what you are telling it to sync.

    what bugs me is theres this problem in iTunes match, and its not widely known, and itunes match says if you turn it on , it will replace your music collection, and it does no such thing, and it throws your entire music library in "other' sometimes 20-30 or 50 gigs are wasted. and people have no idea that iTunes match is at fault,
    so they go through all the hassle of restoring their iPhones, when all they had to do was turn off itunes match and delete the music library manually, and enable it again

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