Resolved iPad Mini Feels sluggish after playing the Sims Free Play?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by HyperNeko, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. HyperNeko, Sep 13, 2013
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    Sep 13, 2013
    NOT RESOLVED I didn't understand the Prefix thing as I'm new

    So I started playing The Sime FreePlay on iPad Mini. However I am a little worried it did something to my iPad Minis Speed. it sluggish but only a tiny tiny bit where it doesn't feel nice and fun to use, especially now when typing, like there is a subtle friction between me and the scree?? I This is how I best describe it.

    I checked that it wasn't running in the background, this was after I closed it off, I Rebooted/shut-down the iPad too, same problem. I turned off push notifications for Game Centre and The Sims Free Play. Didn't make a difference.

    Anyway during the Sims Free Play game I accidentally tap an add and it opened up a tab in Safari advertising more 'Free Games' that looked quite dodgy and I wouldn't even download myself, so naturally I closed it, and resumed the game. Then a while later I taped something that activated opening up safari again but this time it opened up a add for this Car game App then as I was about to close the tab it quickly automatically redirected itself to another page (I assume) loading something else but I immediately closed it as I looked at the URL and it looked very bad, like similar to when you are on some download sites and you accidently click on a link but then you get a browser hijacker.

    I was a little nervous after that incident but thought things like that affect PCs since they have a different OS.

    So I closed the game not thinking iPad Mini will be fine but as I started using it, I knew something felt off.

    Can something offer some insight or solutions other than uninstalling? as I really enjoing the game atm but if I knew unintalling would fix the problem I would. Thanks guys
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    Can you edit your post to remove the "resolved" heading? Not sure if it's possible but it woul help you get responses. I cannot help with your issue unfortunately.
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    Go into your settings, then open Safari from within the settings and clear all cookies, data and history. Hope that helps.

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