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Mar 10, 2011
I have worked this out using the following "rumoured" dimensions.

4:3 aspect ratio
7.85" diagonal length
1024x768 for standard resolution.
2048x1536 for retina display.

The iPhone 4/4S ppi is 326
The iPad1/2 ppi is 132
The new iPad ppi is 264

Taking the aspect ratio and the hypotenuse (diagonal) into account, with a bit of trial and error I have worked out that it would be 6.28" tall, and 4.71" wide. (the screen)

Therefore the area of the tablet would be 29.5788"

So lets assume first that it has the same 1024x768 display as the first two iPads. This gives a diagonal pixel resolution of 1280. (Pythagoras) 1280/7.85 gives a ppi of 163, which is more than the original iPad and iPad 2, and clearly less than the new iPad.

But, if Apple decides to go for the retina display, (assuming it is 2048x1536) then... Diagonal resolution is then 2560, divided by 7.85, gives an amazing 326 ppi. Equal to that of the iPhone!

Basically, If apple equips this elusive device with a standard display, it will still be sharper than the iPad or iPad 2. Holding them next to each other for a comparison will show that. BUT. if they stick a retina screen in there... Then it is in a whole different ball park, I have held my iphone next to the new ipad and while difficult, you can tell that the iphone has more pixels crammed into each inch. and doing the same thing with a retina display ipad mini against a new ipad, will show that it is clearer and has the same pixel resolution of the iphone.

Personally, as someone who is in want of an iPad, i love the idea of an iPad mini and will get one regardless (IF it is released) But im glad to know that even with standard resolution it will be better than an iPad 2. Of course this is all entirely speculation and is likely completely wrong, but i would like to see apple release a Mini iPad.

I hope this helps anyone...
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Aug 4, 2011
While that would be nice... Would Apple be able to hit the 199-299 price point of the knock off tablets. I'm doubtful. But who knows what their plan is. I'm skeptical of even seeing an iPad 'mini'. There have been very few leaks compared to new iPhone...


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Feb 16, 2012
There have been very few leaks compared to new iPhone...

There's meant to be a T.V. too but there has been no sign of that either. I still see both as a possiblity. Maybe when he said they were clamping down on secrecy he only meant with completely new products?
It has been general consensus on the internets for some time that the iPad mini will likely have the same resolution as the iPad 2, just shrunk down a bit, which will, yes, obviously have a higher PPI than the iPad 2 but not retina quality. I don't understand the purpose of this thread.

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Apr 6, 2006
I don't understand the purpose of this thread.

Do to lack of any quality rumors in regards to this, we have resorted to fabricating our own. The success of this will depend on the full cooperation of forum members.

thank you



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Nov 20, 2010
Actually, there will be no iPad mini, they are working on an 11 inch iPad to be named MaxiPad.

You heard it here first.
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