iPad mini power problems

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    I have a mini that's running 7.0.4 and it's all of a sudden started acting strange. I use the ipad, put it down and come back to it in standby (lock screen). When I press the home button to wake it nothing happens then I press power button and nothing happens. I have to press and hold both home and power to get it to boot up. It will stay on til it locks. I've restored it twice now and no changes. Not sure what it could be? Any suggestions? I do have a genius appt in a few days but wondering if it was something I could do on my own.

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    I'm not sure what it could be either, however is does sound software related. Have a genius run a diagnostic on it if this behavior persists.
    Or do a complete encrypted iTunes backup. Wipe it and set it up as new to see if it persists. You can do a restore later and not have lost anything.
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