iPad Mini Retina Won't Charge

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    I've searched all over and can't find an answer to my specific problem, so I figured I'd ask you guys here. It's been a while since I've had to ask y'all any kind of support question, so that's good, right? :cool:

    Anyway, I got an iPad mini retina back in the first part of August and the day I got it, I plugged it into my computer (2009 MacBook Pro) to charge and got the "not charging" icon. Well, I did some research and found out it was best to charge with the wall adapter. Well, since I got it, that's what I've been doing and haven't had any issues.

    Yesterday, I left it charging all day on the wall outlet because I was busy and didn't use it and when I looked, it wasn't charging. I tried it in another outlet, same result. Well, I ended up trying it upstairs on my computer and it worked for a minute, then I unplugged it again and when I tried plugging it back up, I got the "not charging" message, so I sorta moved it around a little bit (the iPad itself) and it would go from charging to not charging.

    Now, I woke up this morning and tried charging it again and it won't charge at all.

    I've tried resetting it a few times and even just turning it off and letting it sit a while, but no luck.

    What do you guys think is up with this? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Feb 22, 2012
    Try to clean gunk/lint out of the lightning port
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    What percentage does it show if any? Any chance you could get a different wall charger to try out just for the heck of it?
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    Thanks for trying to help me, everybody. I ended up just sending it back to Apple. They are supposed to be sending me a new one. I don't think it was the charger, but I guess we'll find out once the new one gets here. :cool:
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    I thought I replied to this ? Did my posts get deleted ? Or is this a new thread?

    All iPads require 5v 2100 ma to charge. Your Mac is probably just too old

    Furthermore the charger that they sell with the ipad mini is too small to charge an iPad with its screen on. Or maybe it was your charger ? Well anyway

    Plug in your ipad and go to about this Mac, pull down a system report. Ckick on the usb section. You will see the power output being delivered to the iPad.
    It will say
    Mininuum current 500 ma
    Extra operating power 1600 ma

    On an iPhone 5
    Extra current is 500

    On an iPhone 6
    Extra current is 1600

    If you do not see extra current your Mac is too old

    When in doubt, buy the full size iPad charger and use that to charge your iPad mini

    I had trouble and my full size iPad charger went south on me and only delivered half current so , yes you are correct it could just be a faulty charger

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