iPad Mini Shipping Estimates Drop to 1-3 Days in U.S. Apple Store

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    Shipping times for the iPad mini have been slowly improving over the last few weeks, and customers ordering from the U.S. online Apple Store can now expect to have their tablets shipped within 1-3 business days.

    European stores are also experiencing improved shipping dates, with a new lead time of 3-5 business days. Last week, European Apple Stores were listing a two week wait for an iPad mini. Other worldwide Apple Stores list shipping times of 3-5 business days.

    Rumors in late 2012 revealed supply constraints were leading to restricted quantities of iPad minis, which was later confirmed by Apple during its first quarter conference call.

    According to Apple executives, the Cupertino-based company expects to achieve supply/demand balance on the iPad mini by the end of the March quarter.

    Article Link: iPad Mini Shipping Estimates Drop to 1-3 Days in U.S. Apple Store
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    Orange County, CA
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    I'm fully aware that this article is regarding a drop in shipping times for the iPad Mini.

    I'm also fully aware that I must share my absolute excitement for the Retina iPad Mini that hasn't been announced. Bring on the Retina iPad Mini, Apple!
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    No one can replace Tim Cook with the supply chain :(
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    He's certainly proving otherwise. For a supply chain guru, he's anything but. This is probably more of a function of lowering demand if anything.
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    Yippeee....., now that the excitement is waning in anticipation for the next Mini.
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    The problem with apple products in general in terms of supply and demand is hard to fix and I don't blame them. Here is the cycle that an iOS device in general follows.

    1st Quarter - Supply is extremely short. Demand is extremely high.
    2nd Quarter - Supply and Demand even out by the end of the quarter.
    3rd Quarter - Supply is high. Demand is low in anticipation of next gen.
    4th Quarter - Everybody is holding off for the next gen, Investors are bashing Apple, competition releases its products early and show that they are superior to a 9 month old product, and all hell breaks loose.
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    That seems really unfair - this guy runs a company that has product launches unlike most (every?) other companies in the world. Which other company must stockpile millions of devices (globally) for launch (several times per year), buy in components and parts and purchase manufacturing time from partners without being able to guarantee a steady stream of business? The line between having enough stock on day 1 launch to meet demand (would you care to be the person in charge of that prediction? I wouldn't!) and not having enough stock (saving the company money up front but possibly losing sales revenue) is a very fine line indeed, and sometimes they overestimate demand, and other times they underestimate demand (this isn't like relatively predictable software upgrades) - getting it right I would think is actually quite impossible. As consumers we're either fickle or impatient, and Apple has to deal with us on our terms, and I think they actually do a pretty amazing job, I would never be so critical about their performance.
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    Debating getting one for my mom.. Or waiting for the Retina display in time for May mother's day.
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    sure... now it does

    I figure what was happening was they were saving stock for the Chinese release. I ordered mine 2 weeks before christmas and even with the "2 week" shipping notice on the website I should have got it by by christmas. Well I received it one week ago.


    retina won't happen til september and unless she's a serious gadget nerd she won't notice.

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