iPad mini touch issues with new front glass

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  1. abley22, Sep 19, 2014
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    abley22 macrumors member

    Feb 17, 2013
    Hi, i have replace my broken front glass with a new one from ebay, not a original Apple glass, it comes with button.
    After i have carfully mounted it like they show on youtube it would not work, it just slide to sides and open apps, sometime i could touch and it works but after a few sec it lives by itself, open apps and scroll så mutch that it impossible to use it.

    I cant even turn it off.

    The glass cost 30 dollar and it came with 3m glue, since the glas had glue under the clear plastic i didnt use the extra glue.

    I cant understand why it not works after the replacment.

    Very thankfull for help.
  2. charlituna macrumors G3


    Jun 11, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    well possible reasons might be
    1. you did a bad job with the install
    2. it's a cheap piece of crap
    3. it's a decent piece of crap but since Apple didn't install it the screen is not calibrated to the device the way the original one was so you are getting odd responses.
  3. Mikes2pads macrumors regular

    Mar 24, 2012
    Hi guys. I used to , what's the word??? Hover? I can't remember it now. Anyway, I used to read all the helpful and reasonable info found on MacRumors but have not been enjoying the site for a while.
    Finding IOS8 was a nice surprise indeed.
    Not a big tech savvy guy but I dare anyone to try and take my iPad's away from me.
    Ipad3 and my relic which I will always hold on to to show my great grandkids ,my IPad ( original ) or iPad 1.
    I do not fiddle with an iPod touch that's aging but my nephews enjoy it.
    Sorry but nobody needs to fiddle with my iPads.
    Anyway, there was a certain issue with ios7 that drove me nuts even though a couple of near fixes almost helped but I didn't feel good about any of the so called " fixes"
    Seeing IOS 8 , I was sure it would be cured because it is a bug or virus in my opinion. Apple would fix it if they Could imho. They have not.
    The main man , the Genius ,The modern day T.Edison... Mr. Steve Jobs , may he rest in peace. OMG I miss the man and his standards. . . I could go on but this whole post is already filled up with unneeded bs and introductory info that I choose not to put in a profile but this man would never let wallpapers jump in and out uncontrollably. What a joke. Forget band aid fixes.
    This is a black eye as minor as it is in its effect on the device and its IOS.
    SJ would not let one device out of China that way.
    Seems I will not be able to enjoy these awesome home and lock screen walls I have been holding for IOS8.
    When I listen to the current boss as he hoses everyone down with koolaid , I know an issue like this embarrassing one will not be fixed correctly until Mr.Job's head is defrosted and he is hopefully lucky enough for Apple to still be around.
    Sorry for the long post but I most likely will not contribute any of my redundant bs again for another 10 months.
    Thanks for your patience people and Apple , please fix the issue. It's minor but don't you guys collectively have any self respect in your undertakings.?
    Unless I'm totally missing something very technical or very simple as to why this continues, I just can't express how embarrassed I would be if I were you in Cupertino.


    Sorry. Only using tapatalk in IOS8 for several hours now and I see I put this post in the wrong place. Excuse me please.
    Mr administrator , please move this to an ipadAir thread or your choice of an appropriate location

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