iPad mini iPad mini wifi problems -- connected but no internet?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by thadoggfather, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Oct 1, 2007
    So long story short I'm on my third iPad mini.

    First one: screen stopped working all together. Just shut off and never came back on. Could tell it was still working though because I could hear siri when I held the home button down. Couldn't even slide to unlock in the area where one does so the touch screen aspect must have been dead as well.
    second one: gash in bezel above Front camera, too much gap on home button (could move it side to side), hard to flip silent switch, weird weird LCD panel either by calibration and/or manufacturer

    this one: perfect, except a little bit of gunk getting stuck up top between screen and edge but barely and the wifi disconnected periodically and wouldn't receive emails and iMessage notifications in sleep mode.

    doing a restore and set up as new, I haven't seen wifi drop. And it receives email and iMessages now in sleep. but i've noticed today it'll be connected to my wifi via ip settings and wifi bars but internet just wont work (sites wont load, speed test app looks to start test, etc). It did the same thing as Starbucks not long ago, but who can tell when starbucks does weird stuff/maybe their network was bogged down.

    I just rebooted the device and flipped airplane mode (and manually connected to my wifi too, like on my iPhone5 when I was having issues with it staying connected in sleep mode when I first got it) on and off.

    Anyone else?

    I really hope it's not hardware because if it is, I might just sit out the mini game til 2nd gen or wait for a while. But I'm reading so many issues with iOS 6 and wifi on devices that had iOS 5 and did not have same issues previously...

    Luckily I have Best Buy's extended return Holiday policy, til January 24 so I have a while to make sure this thing is fully functioning. But these wifi woes are awfully weird (alliteration not intended).

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    Generally if you have connectivity, but you can't access services by name, it's a DNS issue. Try setting a static DNS like Google,,

    (assuming you've got everything else configured correctly)
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    Oct 1, 2007
    But twice in a row?

    It was acting weird at Starbucks (anything is fair game to happen there I guess) and like within 5 minutes of returning to my home wifi it was doing the same thing.

    I just hope it's an odd ios 6/ipad mini ios 6 bug?

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