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Discussion in 'iPad' started by BigCanoe, May 10, 2018.

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    Because Apple likely believes the mini is as dead as the one my cat broke the glass on by biting it and I broke the LCD trying to replace the glass my cat broke.
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    How's the cat? lol
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    General belief is that selling other models are more profitable. Of course, if true, Apple could roll out a new mini and price it higher so that it becomes a more/most profitable iPad model. Personally I'd pay more for an up-to-date specs mini. The logical argument could revolve around miniaturization being harder in spite of past pricing relative to full-size iPads.

    Otherwise the answer is probably "Apple knows best" and "$2XX billion in the bank can't be wrong." A downside to always beating numbers- as seemingly proud as that makes a good-sized chunk of our fellow consumers- is that management is rewarded and lauded for doing everything so right. So letting the Mac line languish, ignoring wants like a modern mini, and so on are basically reinforced by many, many consumers opting to buy anyway. From Apple's perspective, all such decisions are right because consumers say so with their dollars, records generate fat bonuses, the press lauds Apple as genius over and over, etc. In other words, consumer wants that differ from whatever Apple chooses to sell (or not sell) are not much of a driver when doing whatever Apple wants is rewarded with record after record.

    Arguments about bigger phones this year sound good but is still practically Apples to Oranges if you model the rumored screen vs. a mini screen. Besides, a phone is MUCH more expensive than a mini because you pretty much must also buy service to get full use out of it.

    The ship has probably sailed on the mini. The want here is probably not so different than wanting wifi on the Titanic.

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