iPad mini won't charge more than 20 minutes

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  1. Pezbaby macrumors newbie

    Nov 15, 2013
    I have an original iPad mini that's having charging issues. I use the OEM charger (I have another one that is not OEM and this still happens) and after about 20 minutes of charging, I get the error message that "this accessory is not certified with this device" and it quits charging.

    If I unplug it, wait a few minutes and try again, I can get another round of juice, but it'll stop again after about 20 minutes. I have to wait. It won't immediately let me charge after unplugging/plugging.

    My ipad is a recent replacement after my other one had to be returned for warranty issues, but it worked fine at first.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  2. rritterson macrumors 6502

    Jul 10, 2008
    DC USA
    Do the chargers have different cables? Try a different lightning cable, if you have one.

    You could have a defective cable or defective lightning port. I'm betting it's the cable. Try a certified version like the Amazon Basics one or a replacement Apple.

    If you have a local Apple Store, go there and ask an employee to lend you a cable for 30 minutes and see if it will charge with their cable. If it does--boom, buy a new cable and you're done. If not, then at least you'll already be at the genius bar.

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