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Discussion in 'iPad' started by funkateer, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Howdy. I own a small movie theatre that shows a number of independent and classic films. It's in a neighborhood that has a great deal of foot traffic in the morning and early afternoon, when the theatre isn't open yet.

    Many of the movies we run are obscure indie and foreign films that don't get advertised on television. I think we would do a lot more business if people on the street who pass by could watch trailers. What I'd like to do is put a monitor of some kind, mounted by the glass inside of our box office, and have a wired speaker mounted outside. People walking by could watch the image through the glass and hear the sound from the outside speaker -- the idea is that we'd put it on a loop, to run trailers constantly. If someone wants to stop and watch, they can.

    I thought about taking an old laptop and buying a new LCD monitor or TV, but it seems to me that an iPad -- or perhaps a different tablet? -- would be the best and simplest hardware choice.

    I'd like some opinions about this. Here are the technical issues:

    1) I'd need an indoor mount that would hold an iPad flush against a window. There is formica on the side of the window for screwing in the mount. There's a very convenient spot there to run the audio wire outside -- I could run that and mount a speaker outside, plugged into the headphone jack. So the mount should work on the bottom and on the left side (thin formica is on both areas).

    2) I've never done this with iTunes, but it should be possible to download trailers from the Apple website, build a playlist of those trailers, and put them on an endless loop, correct? If we can't do this with iTunes, is there a better way to set up an endless loop of specific content like trailers?

    3) I want the mount for the iPad to be secure but not permanent. Meaning, I don't want customers to be able to steal it -- but I do want it to be removable for other uses. Example, we might use Square on it for credit card transactions. Or if a customer comes into the lobby, we could take the iPad out to let them watch a trailer or two on the counter. Is there a way to mount the iPad flush against the window as described, and have a lock on it that will protect it from theft and also make it easy for authorized personnel to remove? Something like the small locks that electronics stores use for glass cases full of digital electronics?
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    Oct 6, 2009
    Sounds like an interesting idea, but have you considered how small the iPad is? People walking by would likely not even notice the screen unless they walked right up to the window. And only people of the right height would have a good view of it. Consider using a 40" or 50" LCD TV/monitor instead.

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