iPad mounted in Kitchen Cabinet - help with music storage solution

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    Ok so i have mounted my ipad in the kitchen cabinet as it is to replace the radio on the left but using a mini amp and airport express to stream over airplay the quality will be fine because our internet speeds are about 100-125 mb/s. The only problem is that the ipad will be staying in the cabinet and we dont want to have to take it out to sync with itunes and i dont want to sync it over wifi, i have itunes match but im going to lose track of the songs i have downloaded and which ones i have to delete. is their any wireless or wired external storage for the ipad that has the same user interface as itunes ??


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    So long as you are on iOS 6, Match is more a 'streaming' service than a download service. It will cache songs locally that you have recently listened to, but unlike iOS 5, it does not download every listen permanently to the device. So long as you don't use the download option (represented by the 'cloud' icon in an album/playlist/etc) you can listen indefinitely.

    The other option is to use Home Sharing to play music from an iTunes library on your local network. Let's assume you have a computer in the house that has your music library on it. You can use either the Remote app to play music from that library directly over AirPlay, controlled by the iPad, or use the Music app to play that shared library directly.

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