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    You know - for posterity. I'd imagine several people will recant from their current position, trying to shrug it off. Add a quote from your favorite folks, with a link to the quote and then we can review if any change their mind in a few months.


    Bill Gates - who said “We've really achieved the ideal of what I wanted Microsoft to become.” in 2008 (

    Guardian.co.uk Editor interview



    Mike D


    He called iPad the "ideal device for today's world."

    Rob Enderle -You know his views on the iPhone
    [/QUOTE]Apple’s iPad Tablet Could Slay eBooks and Netbooks

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt




    Silicon Alley Insider -

    John McKinley - Way too much hype, and too little transformation.
    Dan Frommer - He didn't deliver -
    Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons - Newsweek's Tech Editor)

    Apple's Jumbo Oreo
    The PC Officially Died Today

    Former Financial Times reporter Tom Foremski at Silicon Valley Watcher
    The Apple iPad: First Impressions

    Mossberg's First Impressions
    Because good enough defines success.....Oh boy.

    Link Free Software Foundation

    Ballmer - Microsoft fought back with iBall


    (Same here - I believed in Ihnatko's take on keyboard, but hey :))
    The iPad isn't a big Touch, more than the Touch is a small iPad.
    It's a device that people will get home, sync, and then have, for free nearly every app they've already bought

    Why doesn't the iPhone, iPad do multitasking?
    e.g. To let you stream music? - Because Apple wants their streaming sorted first perhaps.
    e.g. Multiple apps - That's the individual apps policy to design it so it remembers state.
    e.g. Because switching between apps will be FAST enough for the benefit of the speed is better than having things slow but getting multitasking (All the time an app is unused in the background = wasting resources. If the app is doing stuff in the background it's killing battery in all likelihood).

    Multitasking comes when Apple wants to bring it - OS 4? We'll have to see.

    Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros - 4 million in 12 months of availability.
    Needham's Charlie Wolf - 5 million units.
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    Pogue and Mossberg nail it. All the other pundits are either suspiciously vague, bratty, or silly in their initial impressions. You should repost this a few days after the iPad ships.
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    I agree completely.

    MacRumors whiners have notoriously short memories. The current threads that reference the 2001 threads bashing the iPod are getting predictably little play, yet their similarity to current iPad threads is uncanny.

    It certainly appears that David Pogue has made that same observation. The iPad reaction by many here on MR is absolutely predictable, because for the shreiking iPad haters, it's about the hardware. Just like the iPod, the success of the device is going to depend on the software and content.
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    They're being vague - it has to be said, or couching their bets. When you see Enderle hedging, even wishing Steve good luck....

    E.g. Eye-Strain. The MacBook Pro has less ppi/dpi than the iPad. Anyone complaining about eyestrain with laptop/desktop screens? Any naysayer mentioning black on white vs white on black font display, font size and type is alterable?

    E.g. Tablets are best -
    Then where is the championing of the non-vapourware that will be out in April?
    ExoPC? The taller, wider thicker tablet, which has a smaller, lower resolution screen?

    I hear RIM has a BlackBerry in the works:


    And we wait for the Android tablet. But Google needs Chrome OS ready.
    And we await the Palm Pre Maxi

    An Alternative look - there was a recent blog post on twitter reaction using TweetFeel.
    It's darned interesting.
    "a sentiment analysis tool that uses tweets as its data set, offers us a snapshot of this darker side of the iPad."

    The negative:

    The worst they can do is:
    15% - Make silly jokes
    23% - Silly name
    27% - Say it's a big iPhone (uh, it's big, what else did you expect?)

    The positive:
    So - As shown on TWiT - Women complain about its name, but there are already several women in tech saying that that wouldn't be a factor in buying one...

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