iPad Nearly Unusable While Updating Apps

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    My iPad 3 (64GB, wi-fi) becomes nearly unusable whenever I try to update my apps. Has anyone else encountered this? There's usually nothing in the diagnostic logs, but everything seems to become unbearably sluggish. Safari doesn't work, Springboard is un-navigable, music begins to stutter... sometimes the entire UI freezes to the point that I have to reset the device.

    Is this just one of the iPad 3's weaknesses, or is there something wrong with my system? I know a factory restore is always possible, but I'd like to know if it was actually going to help first. If everyone has the same problem, chances are that it won't...
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    I can say that my ip3 ( same specs as yours ) does not act that way while updating apps.There was a period of time that it would get stuck or froze on any of the apps that were updating and I would have to leave the updating apps and bring the app that froze up from the home page or my "app page " for lack of a better term ...click update on the individual app
    Then it would update quickly. I do not just click multiple updates or " update all " anymore as to not have any freeze .
    If this ipad 5 that I am impatiently waiting to buy is going to be worth it's salt, it should not bother us with updating apps. They should update if you own them automatically. This don't sound comparable to splitting the atom. .
    Your issue is unfamiliar to me. Would not hurt to close all running apps and such before updating multiple or a single app. A hard reboot could not hurt either , while the problem is nagging you or even before your about to update. It does sound annoying enough to try the factory restore.
    I'm no expert though by no means. Good luck. Btw, fishing eastern Long Island has been great lately. Also had awesome results down in Fl. keys. Baby hammerhead and a 5 ft lemon shk were my first sharks. turned em loose of course. loved that baby hammerhead. cute as puppy.Not a freshwater guy tho. If your username is not fishing related than I guess I look pretty foolish..,lol. No need to reply. I'm jus sayin. Good luck.
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    IMO, automatic updating of all apps is a TERRIBLE IDEA. :eek: For that matter, updating all apps is also potentially shooting yourself in the foot.

    I have maintained more than 3 dozen apps that I refuse to update because of the loss of particular functions in newer versions of those apps. I always read every update description because of some unpleasant surprises in updated apps back when I used iPhone 3Gs in 2009. I treated my first iPad (original) and all subsequent iPhones in the same manner.

    I will choose which apps I wish to update.

    As for freezing when updating, I've never seen that behavior but as I said, I update single apps one after another, not all at once.

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