ipad not charging on macbook while running windows

Discussion in 'iPad' started by coochiekuta, Nov 26, 2011.

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    its an ipad 2 and an early 2011 17" mbp. under osx the ipads battery icon reads correctly. under windows 7 the ipad battery icon reads "not charging".

    i dont actually have itunes loaded on the windows side but it is loaded on the osx side. dont think that should matter but who knows what is all hidden in itunes package nowadays. after all, it does say itunes is required for the ipad on the box.

    i have researched this issue on apples forum and the web and all point to the usb port not being in standard to provide the required power. obviously that is not the case here given i can restart the laptop from windows 7 switch into osx and it will charge properly.

    any insight would be appreciated. thx
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    ASUS and Gigabyte have USB driver updates for more power on the ports. I think it's generic.
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    iPad requires more than 500ma (which is standard USB current) in order to charge. Apple has enabled high-current USB with special drivers on their newer computers, e.g. my older C2D Mac Mini will always give the "Not Charging" message with my iPad because it's a "Standard" USB port and only gives 500ma.

    I suppose there would need to be some sort of driver for Windows to allow the port to provide more than 500ma current. The hardware of course supports it, but without OS or driver support it won't do it.

    I have no idea if such a driver exists for your situation, just pointing out the mechanics behind why it's happening.

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