ipad or netbook??

Discussion in 'iPad' started by barebackbadger8, Jun 26, 2010.

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    i have a netbook (asus eee 1000h) for basic pc stuff, watching videos, my itunes (for iphone etc), downloading music/videos etc!
    now i know the ipad aint the same as a netbook, but what the pro's and con's of having an ipad over a netbook?
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    As you're new to this forum, here are some suggestions:
    1. If you run a search you'll find many threads with many different opinions.
    These threads simply suggest one basic point: without a computer (Mac or PC) you cannot use the iPad (well you can but it's not recommended as you need something to sync with).
    2. The iPad is highly suitable for your needs and depending on the amount of movies you wish to store you can best judge the amount of space you may require. I am happy with 16 GB as I delete videos and mainly keep applications.
    3. Your next question: "But the iPad doesn't support flash!?" The answer is quite simple which many fail to understand. SJ (Steve Jobs) believes in the HTML5 tech. which is being implemented at a pretty rapid pace by many online content providers. Your best bet is to have patience and notice the web deliver everything in HTML5 tech.

    To directly answer your question:
    Pros of Netbook
    Support for Flash
    Hard keyboard permanently attached (some like this, I don't).

    Cons of netbook
    Weight (Even if not much it is still heavier than iPad)
    More time consuming (iPad offers instant on and browse love-ability)
    Display (As compared to iPad)
    Portability (As compared to iPad)

    Note: Some may disagree with the above 2 but I think they fit well. Hope this helps. Search the forums to find more info :)
  4. Scuby macrumors regular

    May 16, 2010
    Personally, for my usage, an iPad will do everything I would want to do while travelling, and so completely replaces the need for a netbook for me (I did have a netbook briefly last year, and it was horrendous to use).

    Best bet is to make a list of the things you would do on a netbook, make a note of whether iPad can do them all, and see which seems to do it better. I did that, and ended up getting an iPad - but your list could be different.

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    Mar 21, 2010
    The iPad is a great media consumption device (web, videos, games, books, magazines, etc.), but it's not really meant for media creation (although some apps help with light work), but if you want something to work on, do a lot of typing or need to edit/upload videos, etc., then you'd want a netbook. I have both, so I'm covered :)

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