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Discussion in 'iPad' started by mrsdaniels88, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Mar 7, 2011
    I currently have a Wii that i mainly use to get online. I got the wii to play online games like black ops & etc. But none of my friends have a wii.

    I have a chance to get an Ipad but i have to pick either to keep my wii or get an ipad. I will mainly use the ipad for games,movies,music, & online. I would like an Ipad because i go to alot of pool tournaments & im usually bored. Plus im planing on gettin a ps3(all my friends have one)so id have now use for a wii. Ive used my cousins ipad & it was ok kind of heavy. Do they make cases to make it easier to hold? Any thoughts?
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    If you have no use for a Wii, then why are you asking us which you should own?

    Go down to an Apple Store or Best Buy with an Apple center and try out an iPad (the current generation is still on display) and test it out, if you think it will much better compliment your life, then buy an iPad.
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    I think both are great systems. I dont understand how people think they can enjoy playing games on littke psp, ds, ngp, iphone, or 3ds screen. The ipad, esp with the battery life and multimedia is the perfect entertainment hub on the go. Movies, games, social networking, productivity, etv. All can be had for $500 and the first model now $400. How can any other Tablet, poetable game system, or anything else match it? Those people on sites like ign are blind. And with the creativity of the wii those two systems should have enough of a game variety to satisfy all your needs. You want motion controls and movement? Play the wii. You want to interact dectly with your game via touch? Bust up world of goo on the ipad or tiki towers 2.

    Why do real gamers hate both thse systems when they comliment eaxh other so well? They think stuff like wario ware, animalmcrossing, and wii sports arent real games. And iPad stuff like Angry Birds n being real gsmes. What gives?
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    As good a reason as any

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