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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Brooklynbomac, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    As a person with every gen. iPhone and the most current blackbook I am trying to justify getting one of these badboys. I briefly tuned into the keynote in Jan., because I was hoping to see something to break the unchanged iPhone major hardware monotony. So with nothing hinting to that I closed out the keynote instead of watching all the way through like normal. Although I had heard talks of a tablet I figured how would apple best this industry, even.

    Steve says it supposed to come in between the Smartphone and netbook in terms of doing things better than both.

    So help me by telling me of your short time with the iPad. Also what are the staple features that make this more than a $500 attractive novelty item. What is the main purpose, for you, that makes this such a device. Personally one would surmise that being without 3g the iPad would leave most tasks to the iPhone. Everything you can do on the iPad can be done on it's 10x smaller brethren and if not on the phone it can wait until you get home to your mac. So what's the point? Chime in thanks.
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    Apr 10, 2010
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    Ironic. That's pretty much what I thought about when I read yours.

    Is that why you're doing the same thing?

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    Back in 2007 I was thrilled with my gen 1 iPhone - FINALLY a smartphone that sync'd easily with my Macs.
    Didn't like the Blackberry third party app syncing.

    Then upgraded with 3G and 3GS (x2, me and the wife).

    Very pleased with iPad v1 and look forward to the platform as time goes by.

    From a basic purchase standpoint, I'm thrilled.
    The unit is incredibly useful out of the box, the screen is gorgeous, and the battery life is nothing short of amazing. Browsing the web on my powerful MBP unibody: 2.5-3.5 hrs, on the iPad: 10+ easy, and no heat, or fans whirring.
    And that is normal brightness, wifi on, push email, etc.

    I very rarely used Final Cut Studio or Photoshop on my MBP away from docked to a large monitor, full size KB and mouse. My casual or travel computing was always just email, web, forums, etc. Most usually just cruising the net while watching TV. The iPad excels at casual computing.

    The iPhone did my casual computing, think 'web 2.0', very well, just a bit small. The iPad is a whole new world in that regard. It is extremely personal and the iPad becomes much larger and engaging than it's physical dimensions should allow.

    I'm very excited to change my static periodicals to a new dynamic web model. No reason why the Letters section of Car & Driver is 60 days behind the content if references. These should only be separated by a few hours from publication.

    Netflix and the new ABC app are great, not missing Flash/Silverlight.

    The iPad is simply a vessel.
    Its true potential are apps that are not even written yet. IMHO, it is a platform much more than a single product.

    It's only $500 (or so, that is two nice dinners out with the wife), not incredibly crazy expensive - buy or don't buy...
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    It won't replace devices for heavy use. It's not a computer replacement. it's an accessory device. It's a media device for books, magazines, news, TV, and movies, and it's an internet browser. It has some computing functionality, but it will only replace a computer for the user's light duty tasks, and only insofar as someone has written an app. It's "magical" only in relationship to the interface. For those above purposes, it's a great interface.

    The value of the iPad is in the content paradigm that it represents, not in the hardware. If you're not into reading/watching/light internet surfing....you can safely give this product a miss. If you're into "heavy use" you definitely should pass it up right now, and wait for future versions. I suspect the evolution of this product will be toward more sophisticated computing as people begin trying to write more and more sophisticated apps and begin bumping up against the iPad's hardware limitations. And I keep looking at Apple's server farm in NC and thinking about what the "cloud" that that building represents will imply for the kind of mobile computing interface the iPad will represent.

    You sound like a hardware kind of guy. I suspect the iPad will only disappoint you in its current form. Give it a couple of years.
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    These type of posts are annoying.

    If I need to justify why I spent my $500 for a novelty item to you then why even consider buying for your self? I understand maybe you are trying become a educated consumer but having people justify why they spent or how they use this device has been posted on this for forum for the last 30 days since the iPad pre-order.

    If you need it buy it, if you don't save your money for something else.
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    Feb 19, 2010
  8. qtx43 macrumors 6502a

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    No I cannot. The iPhone/iPod's screen is too small to read. Much moaning and gnashing of teeth has been heard about "it's just a bit iPod Touch", but that's a pretty good start as far as I'm concerned. The battery life and excellent display are the real killer features, but I just use it for reading/watching content. Producing things is done on my desktop.

    If the size of the iPod's display works for you, then I would not get one.
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    Honestly go read the thread called "I need to ask: after a week with your iPad, are you satisfied with your purchase?"

    It's 4 pages of people with more or less expectations telling if theyre dissapointed or happy with the device. The ones that did a Hail-Mary impulse buy seem happy about the device.

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