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    Ok, I have an iPhone 4, so I am semi apple-smart, but my friend came to me for iPad help and I'm a bit confuzzled.

    She is a nanny, and one of her kids has an iPad that he got for his birthday. They got him an iTunes account, but when they try to go to access the app store, it says "cannot connect". I checked the Internet access, that is fine. I tried punching in my iTunes info, and still got the "cannot connect" error. Yet I can type his iTunes account info into my phone and connect just fine.

    After fishing through the settings and whatnot, the only thing I can come up with is that someone set up parental controls and locked out the app store and iTunes. The restrictions are set, but I can't see what is being restricted without knowing the passcode, and everyone who has had access to the iPad denies having set up the code.

    As this is a fairly new iPad, there is nothing really that would be missed if I were to reset it. I actually have tried resetting it through the iPad but without that 4 digit code that no one knows I can't. I am waiting for the most recent iOS to download so I can restore it via the computer. Am I correct in assuming that if I restore the iPad, the passcode will be gone and I can set this thing up for them? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    (Before the flamers show up on the scene, it is not a stolen/lost/illegally obtained iPad. I am not trying to bust through the passcode for dishonest reasons, I just want to help this kid get his iPad set up)
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    yes, if you restore the iPad then the passcode will be obliterated and you can setup the iPad all over again.

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