iPad photo event organization. Help please

Discussion in 'iPad' started by pound4pound30, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Nov 22, 2009
    So in my iPhoto I have my events in alphabetical order, and my event order set to manual. When I sync it to my iPad it all of a sudden comes up in random order? Any help or ideas?

    Left is on the mac, right is on the iPad.

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    Not a solution for me. Ran into similar problem. I was too lazy to search online. What i end up doing was I created folders in Mac or Windows. I tossed and sorted my photos in Explorer or Finder. Once they are done, I went into iTunes and select the root folder to sync. Once in iPad, it will create all the folders, matching what I have in Mac/Windows.

    Regarding the event sorting, I believe (could be wrong) it sorts by photo timestamp. I believe it just bunch them all together since they are within the similar timeframe. So if you edit a photo, it sometime toss the photo into another event with the similar timestamp. I think that's how it works. :confused:

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