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    Jan 11, 2012
    Hi everyone, I am admittedly an android fan and am now convinced that Apple sucks after trying to deal w/my boss's ipad. She has a new ipad that i am trying to sync portfolio images to. images are organized into different folders under the main folder that ive specified it to sync. however, when ipad says it syncs, it puts all the photos on the ipad but syncs them OUT OF ORDER! it's driving me nuts because we're a design firm and the order is important, as we're trying to show before/after photos in a specific sequence. i have each photo uniquely labeled so that when sorted by name, the photos are in order on my computer, but it syncs out of whack on the ipad. it did it perfectly the first time, but now that ive added some photos and re-sync'd, they've gone whacky. any lovely tips for me? :) thanks in advance
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    Jul 26, 2011
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    booo, i tried that. i even looked at other forums that said to change the "date taken" information, as some people said apple will organize by date. i've tried everything and then did a hard reset and tried to reload everything and it still sucks!
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    Not sure of how easy this would be, might depend on how many photos you are dealing with.....but you could upload or "sync" all the photos to the iPad.

    Then go into the camera roll and click on the "albums". There will be an edit button so you can make your own folders. Then just mass select which photos from your "sync" you want to put in what folder.

    I have done this before for demo purposes, but mine did not have to be in any specific order. Might need to just try a few at first to see how it handles it.

    Hope it helps. ;)

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