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Discussion in 'iPad' started by kurosov, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I am a photographer who from time to time does some work for a local charity that requires me to offer 4x6 prints at events and due to the nature of events equipment has to be compact and easy to keep safe.

    The printer used is a small canon selphy cp720. Currently we show people the photos taken on the camera's LCD display and allow them to choose the photo they would like to have printed. However because a large number of people at these events are elderly and of poor eyesight the small 3" screen causes issues.

    Due to the above restrictions taking a laptop is not really an option however my ipad is.

    The device is jailbroken, running 4.2.1 and includes camera connection kit. I have been looking for a method of connecting the ipad via usb to the printer to allow us to show people the photos on the larger screen then print via pictbridge to the printer but have so far been unsuccessful.

    Does anybody know of any methods available to achieve this as currently im having to import all photos, then pop the card into the printer and find the chosen photo to print.
  2. williepoo21, Apr 18, 2011
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    try using an eye-fi SD card (which now has direct mode). with the iPhone app (which can be used on the iPad of course) u can then instantly transfer photos wireless from your camera to be available to view on the bigger screen of the iPad

    personally i'm trying to find a way to import photos to my iPad, apply touchups, and then transfer back to SD card so I can print with the selphy. but after all my research it looks like ill have to get either a macbook air 13" or an android tablet with an SD slot
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    Buy the camera connection kit, plug your SD card into your iPad and use iFile from cydia to copy them back

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