IPAD plans can share DATA with iphone now on rogers


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Apr 3, 2009
for any canadian's interest.


you can now connect your 6gb plan to your ipad for $20 a month !


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Nov 5, 2008
for any canadian's interest.


you can now connect your 6gb plan to your ipad for $20 a month !
don't forget to add the GRRF "Government Regulatory Recovery Fee" each month i.e. ($20+GRRF)/month on top of your voice & data plan

- you know, it's that "fee" (~$2.50/mo) that is not at all mandated by the government but which Rogers names thusly to dupe unsuspecting consumers that it is, rather than simply announce a higher price with all costs of doing business built in.

oh yeah, don't forget you already pay the GRRF on your voice&data plan. now if you SHARE that same data plan with your iPad, you get to tack on another GRRF to your monthly total.

There's a reason people like to refer to them as "Robbers"


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Aug 31, 2010
VENTING about ROGERS DATA plan problems

I have had a whole lot of trouble with ROGERS and staying connected to the internet with a data plan They will not refund for breaching their deal, and not allowing a connection to the internet.
They say it's a prepaid plan so Im out of luck. Apparently it's ok for them to charge me for service they don't provide. APPLE doesn't care. ROGERS DOESN"T care.

I recommend any one wanting a data plan too not expect too much form either of these two companies.

I would love to tell the whole story but it would take 5000 words of dribble. Suffice it to say that I have been on the phone with "SUPPORT" for hours and on over 15 phone calls. Three service tickets and 2 escalation's with calls to the to complaints dept. The call in support number does not have an ipad support prompt so you end up "where ever". Then each call transfer means repeating your telephone number and birthdate and postal code over and over again. There is a perpetual wait of "higher than expected number of calls" all of the time...

big samm

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Oct 27, 2008
am on that plan and yeah i had some difficulties to add this plan to my account but we got it sorted out and its now working.... the thing is bell is offering the same thing for 10$ instead of 20$... i have to call rogers to see if they will match bell's offer...
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