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Discussion in 'iPad' started by GFLPraxis, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Mar 17, 2004
    Hi all,

    So, my Mac's hard drive failed about a month ago.

    [unneeded backstory]
    I'm working on recovering the data (OS X is horrible about failing drives; plugging the drive in to any Mac will immediately cause Snow Leopard's finder to beach ball and lock up completely, and Disk Utility will crash if I attempt to unmount the drive; Windows and HFS Explorer is able to copy data off, and I'm attempting to clone the first 500 GB partition, but twelve hours only pulled off about 13%, and I don't know how long the drive'll last (and my iTunes isn't even on that partition).
    [/unneeded backstory]

    As it is right now, I'd like to sync my iPad off of the Windows 7 PC I've got running. Obviously, I don't have any media in the iTunes library. I don't want to sync it to this computer because I'm afraid of losing the data that's on it.

    I actually don't care about any of the media on the iPad; I stream everything through Air Video/Pandora/similar apps, so there is very little music and no videos at all on the device. Similarly, I don't care in the slightest about my contacts; it's all on MobileMe.

    All I want to back up is my app data. I may sell it and would like to be able to restore it if I get an iPad 2.

    How can I go about doing this?
  2. Poop Boy macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2011
    You have to back it up first before you do anything else.

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