Carrier iPad Prepaid Cellular Data... do you still have the option for on demand subscriptions in settings?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by 1080p, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Ok... so I am thinking about getting a cellular iPad Mini 4 for a couple of reasons. I haven't owned an iPad since the iPad 3 (Spring 2012). So, you could buy AT&T or Verizon at that point. Either version had where you could subscribe to prepaid data plans right from settings whenever you needed it.

    I know the current iPads have the Apple SIM inside and support for external SIM, and Verizon doesn't support Apple SIM. Do the current iPads support getting a Verizon SIM, putting it into the iPad and activating Verizon data plans only on an "as needed basis?"

    I currently use T-Mobile for my iPhone 7.... which is fine 90% of the time in the city (Phoenix), but whenever going up to see family in Northeastern Arizona, T-Mobile has no native coverage... and you roam on Cellular One... with is a mix of 3G and Edge (mostly Edge in my experience). Verizon has Arizona blanketed in LTE coverage, so I would like to have an iPad capable of using Verizon LTE on an as needed basis. If I am going up north, I will activate Verizon service for a few gigs and then use Hotspot to give my iPhone a connection as well.
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    Yes, with the new iPads you can put in a Verizon SIM and use Verizon. The 9.7 iPad Pro has embedded as well, so you can still switch carriers without an external SIM inserted. I currently switch between AT&T and T-Mobile on my iPad Pro 9.7. It works like a charm and I hope iPhone moves this way eventually.

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