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Discussion in 'iPad' started by macduke, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Last week my graphic design professor asked me to bring in my iPad so that he could try it out. When I showed up for print production class, he decided he wanted me to give a quick iPad presentation in front of the class. It was kinda embarrassing but cool at the same time. Many of the people in class were excited about it and asked a lot of good questions, while a few seemed annoyed.

    Some background: My prof is from Poland and ran his own graphic design and printing company for 25 years. He is a pretty legit guy.

    In class he was giddy over the device. He brought in a paper copy of TIME magazine with Steve Jobs on the cover and told the class how this is not only the future of computing but this is what we will be designing layouts for in the future. He lectured about the magazine and book opportunities, and then the web content with HTML 5 since he also teaches web design.

    I also showed off a quick sketch I made for our newest assignment in Sketchbook Pro and demoed some of its features. Then I showed them the photos app and how they can use it as a portfolio to show work to their clients.

    In all I think it went pretty well. Most of the people in class really seemed to like the iPad, and several said they want to pick one up for fall semester. The rest said they either couldn't afford one or wanted to wait for the second version. It was really cool to see someone who has so much experience in the print industry excited about a new medium. He said that this is as big as Gutenberg's movable type and the invention of the computer. He predicted that in at least 5 years, and not more than 10 years we will be producing 80 to 90% of our content for clients on tablets, led largely by Apple and the iPad. He suggested we become familiar with these devices over the next few years and the opportunities that they will produce for us as designers.

    Exciting times we live in! There is a shift coming. Its nice to be in an academic environment right now as its happening. I believe after I graduate that this is the direction I am going to take my own currently small, part-time company in. I can easily see myself making a living off the iPad.

    What do you guys think? Are we finally entering the long-awaited, super sci-fi future that we've been promised for so long?
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    Your teacher is exactly right.

    And to answer your question - yes we are. ;) Welcome to the future. The Future is now.
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    Your professor sounds like he is really embracing the iPad and I completely agree with everything he said. Up to now, my agency was designing flash into website (on a limited basis) despite the lack of support on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Now, we are moving clients out of flash.

    Additionally, we typically develop both print and interactive brochures (flash based). We are now preparing clients for digital distribution via the iPad. It's something that a lot of businesses are starting to look at for distribution of their marketing material.

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