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Discussion in 'iPad' started by GuitARTistic, Nov 4, 2017.

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    Greetings everyone.

    I’m a new owner of an iPP 10.5 and I have a few questions regarding battery life. I will appreciate your help and opinions. Here’s my experience so far.

    After reading some great reviews about the iPP 10.5, I was expecting great battery life but I don’t think that’s the case with mine, or is it? Let’s see.

    Right after I started using the iPP I noticed that the battery percentage was dropping quite fast. At about 75% Brightness, and just browsing the web with a Bluetooth keyboard, battery dropped from 100% to 60% in about 2:30hrs. I really wasn’t expecting that so I called Apple support and explained my situation, they ran a diagnostic and apparently the battery is in perfect condition. After that I resettled the iPad as new and went to a local Apple authorized reseller to run another diagnostic, again the battery came out fine and they told me to keep using it and to log the the battery life time with usage. I was supposed to make the log yesterday but I was unable so I’m gonna do it today. So far while writing this thread at about 50% Brightness, True-tone off and Bluetooth off, the battery has just dropped around 10% in about an hour which is much better than before. That being said I’ve seen logs from people that get 10hr battery life with Bluetooth on, Brightness above 90% and multi tasking with different apps. So I’m still concerned about my battery and I’m going to make a proper log today.

    Anyways guys, if any of you owners of iPP 10.5 can also share your experience with battery life I will appreciate it. Also if you can also put your battery percentage drop by minute, brightness level, apps open, etc.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time, I appreciate it.
  2. Richard8655, Nov 4, 2017
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    10.5 wifi version here and nothing unusual. Using it throughout the day here and there, and after a few days I charge it overnight. I wonder if you have something running in the background continuously, such as streaming a movie, audio, YouTube, downloading files, etc. Also there are a lot of options in IOS 11, and perhaps there are some that aren't needed that are on and active. Also if it's an LTE version, maybe something going on with data usage that might show up.

    Finally, if the cover is supposed to auto shutoff when closing but it’s leaving the display on, that could drain the battery unknowingly.
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    Canada, eh!
    I've had my LTE iPP for about a month now.

    I stream music from my iPP to my airplay speaker almost constantly through the day. I occasionally run it down to close to zero on days I'm using it a lot but I find I run it to about 40% or so on most days. This morning I've been using it for about an hour and it's only down to 97%. The iPP is on auto brightness so that changes with the room brightness.

    I think the screen will use much of the battery capacity. Maybe try lowering the brightness to the lowest level acceptable to you.
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    iPad Pro 10.5 wifi iOS 10.3.3

    I almost always get 9-10 hours, every so often I'll get 30-45 minutes over 10 hours. I mostly use Procreate, Streaming, News Apps, Texture Magazines, And Safari. And a few apps In between. I usually keep the display at 35-50 percent. I also have background app refresh and fetch new data in mail turned off.

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