iPad Pro 10.5 - display creaking sound when pressing around facetime camera normal?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by enigma2k, Sep 28, 2017.

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    There already have been several posts about this issue where people experience this problem with their iPad and also with their replacements. When pressing on the display around the facetime camera you can hear a "clicking" or "creaking" sound. This often happens after a while when you only hold the iPad in one hand. This has something to do with the adhesive not having enough contact with the display and body of the iPad.

    I have sent Apple my iPad for repair but they sent it back to me stating everything is fine so the technician obviously didn't hear this creaking sound or he thinks this is normal. If you have good ears and are in a quit environment this can get really annoying.

    So has anybody who had this problem got this fixed by Apple?
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    Does not sound normal. I would make an apple genius bar appointment.
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    Aug 12, 2011
    I've found mine to do this, not only around the FaceTime camera but also the upper half of the screen (looks like the closer to the camera the easier it is for it to do it). I've been considering returning, however I'm not sure there is a point in doing so, since...
    • This problem doesn't really deter from the overall experience (although it's still annoying for OCD guys like me!), and this particular unit is pretty much free from other, really really annoying issues (display is uniform, no dead pixels, doesn't have any blemishes etc). This makes me think it's likely something worse might be wrong with the replacement.
    • When I first got it, I don't think it was doing this. This makes me think it's actually going to be difficult to determine whether the replacement is even better at all. The problem might show up with regular use as its heats up and cools down
    • Sometimes it seems difficult to reproduce, whereas some other times you can get it to creak easily. Again, this makes me think it's very hard to tell whether a unit has the issue or not
    It's probably possible to find a device that doesn't do and will never do this, but to be honest it's also probably quite rare. I've read reports of this thing happening on all kinds of iPhones and iPads, it probably has to do with the adhesive not setting in correctly, slightly bent chassis, or a combination of both.

    Would be happy to hear about other experiences though.

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