iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 on the couch


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Nov 1, 2005
Birmingham, UK
I currently have a 10.5" iPad that i am selling since apple just gave me a brand new replacement.
The question everyone has is 11 vs 12.9.

In the old generation, 10.5 was an easy decision, the 12.9 was just way too big - but now the 11 and 12.9 are closer together.

One of my main uses with the 10.5 is on the couch kinda like the picture below. This works well for me, I get a pretty good balance and use my right thumb to scroll content using the lower portion of the screen.

If for example, I need a new tab, it's not a big stretch to reach the top right of the screen.

I believe the 11inch will basically feel identical.

But what about the 12.9? Will it seem like a huge stretch to reach up?

Anyone here with experience? It's not a scenario I can test at the apple store and almost feel like I need to buy one and try it out, yet all apple stores are out of stock of the keyboard near me!!



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Oct 25, 2008
If you are going to use the keyboard then it won’t make much of a difference. Without one the 12.9 may be a bit more awkward in portrait orientation.


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Apr 24, 2016
In my opinion nothing beats making your own experiences. Everyone is build different and I never found the 12.9 iPad too big personally. Apple has two weeks return period so you can test this at home.


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Nov 16, 2017
If you are going to use the keyboard then it won’t make much of a difference. Without one the 12.9 may be a bit more awkward in portrait orientation.
I have the 11 and a 2017 12.9. I’ve never felt even the older gen 12.9s were too big for sitting on the couch. I do tend to use the 11 in portrait orientation and the 12.9 in landscape. The 11 is better when you are lying down. :)


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May 26, 2016
I feel like anything bigger than the 9.7” will be too cumbersome for me.

Need to compare the 11” against my current 9.7” to get a better feel.


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May 26, 2016
No... there’s so little difference in the shell size of those two devices.
Yeah if the difference is not much then I might get an 11” next year or might just stick to my 9.7 until apple stops supporting it. just not an iPad guy.


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May 9, 2006
I have both an 11 and 12.9 and regularly use both on the couch. My 12.9 is always in the keyboard folio and it is comfortable for me to use on my lap on the couch. I don’t have a keyboard for the 11 so just use it in the folio cover. As others have said, you really need to hold both because every is different. I am 6’1” and have pretty big hands so even holding the 12.9 for one hand use isn’t hard for me, but others think it is too big and heavy for that.


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Aug 1, 2012
I went right to the 12.9 because I figured that the feel of the 11 would be similar to my 9.7 Pro even if the sceeen is different. Right before the return date my otterbox symmetry case arrived and it didn’t even take me 2 days to be sure that the 12.9 was a keeper, at least for me. Point is, there’s nothing like a hands on experience at home to help you decide.

Pete Rodgers

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Jun 18, 2017
Bethesda, Uk
I had the original 12.9, and it was really awkward to hold on the couch, but the new one is just great. That 2 inches shaved off makes all the difference.


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Jan 24, 2019
My 11” is a couch ipad most of the time.

I love the size and ability to type with two thumbs in portrait mode, most of the time that’s how I use it.

I also use the magnetic folio case and I frequently sit it up in front of my TV in the living room, then me and my wife will both watch the smaller 11” screen as a TV sometimes on Netflix after the kids go to bed.

I’m keeping this one for a good while! I finally bought my dream iPad.

At the end of the day, any-size will work fine. I do not ever feel inadequate with my 11” ever.

The only thing I cared about was storage space, and I’d have taken either model as long as it was the 1TB.
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Jan 14, 2013
I am a big guy with big hands, but I find the 11” is perfect for lounging on the couch or laying in bed with. My hands don’t get tired holding it up. I can easily type with my thumbs in either portrait or landscape while holding it. As nice as the 12.9” screen is, i much prefer the 11”. Feels more natural as a hand held device. But thats me.


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Jan 24, 2019
If there was a performance advantage for the 12.9” then sure, I’d be after it. But they are practically the same devices..You can go look at the 11” vs 12.9” thread with nearly 60 pages of great discussion and comparisons and see they are literally 50/50 on the voting spectrum.
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