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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jacmeister, May 7, 2016.

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    Just bought the iPad Pro 12.9 and have it connected to apple keyboard cover.

    Currently do not have any protection for back of pad. Did not want to bulk up the weight with another Apple silicone back cover and seen some cheaper transparent ones on Amazon but wondered if anyone on here is using a transparent film protector

    If so, could you recommend any for me to look at as feel this could provide good cover without adding more weight and still be able to see the lovely design of the back
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    Used to have a Gelaskin(now called Nuvango.com) attached to my iPad & iPad mini - I think they have a different name now. They were't transparent, but they were definitely tough. They have hundreds of designs to choose from or you can upload your own photo. That;s what I'm doing for my IPP, but using a local supplier in Australia this time around.
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    Oct 19, 2014
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    I use an iCarbon skin on the back of my IPP 9.7. Scratch protection and it's still the same thin form factor.
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    Apr 8, 2015
    I have used these film protectors for many years on my iPad 2 and Air but after some time they feel and look really ugly. So I removed it from my Air half a year ago and had no scratches after that or anything that I couldn't easily wash away. If you are a bit coutious and use the Smart Cover to protect the back there is no problem to use nothing at all to protect the back. That's why I left my Pro 12.9 unprotected and have to problems or damages at all. The look and feel of the aluminum back is so much nicer than this cheap platic covers even if you "pay" for it with some scratches over time. I see the 12.9 more as a working device as my MBPs before and I never protect the surface of them the last decades....Working devices can wear "scares" because they earn them....
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    Other bakc case recommendations? Preferably easily available in Aus
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    I'm using something unconventional. Clear Con-Tact paper. it's the stuff used to cover pantry shelves and such. it's very inexpensive ($4 USD a roll), goes on easy, super thin (won't interfere with any back covers if you choose to use one later), improves grip, and doesn't leave any residue when taken off.
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