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Discussion in 'iPad' started by triple-tap, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    I am looking for a more professional folio-type case for my iPad pro 12.9. I a blue ESR folio case from Amazon on it now. However, I have been using this iPad more and more in mediations, client meetings, etc. (unfortunately, I still have to use paper for actual hearings and trials). However, I am looking for a nicer, case that doesn't look so "cheap." I am trying to keep the price relatively low, as I just don't have the expendable funds for a Pad & Quill case so soon after buying the iPad + pencil.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, if you have a professional-looking case, feel free to post pics.
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    I was in a similar predicament, for meetings the ESR silver I had just looked cheap (in my opinion), so my solution has been to use a sleeve designed for a Retina MacBook Pro 13.

    In terms of footprint they work perfectly, as for thickness there is a bit of extra depth which at first annoyed me but then I picked up the Apple keyboard so the sleeve accommodates that too. The bonus is there's a pouch on the back which fits the Apple Pencil in.

    Look on Amazon (in the uk it is the best place) for sleeves and see what you think. The downside is back protection when out of the sleeve, but so far so good and the iPad looks much better without the cheap plastic shell on it.
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    Did you look at the Zoogue Genius Exec case? I have this one and love it, because you can set it at so many different angles. It gets great ratings and I would give it 5 stars. Only drawback i see in it, which is the case with other types of cases/stands, is you can't use it in Portrait, just landscape mode. It's professional looking and even has a loop for the apple pencil.
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    Actually, If you're looking for a portfolio style that holds a pad of paper for you also, this one isn't too expensive. You can find better pictures of it on Amazon, under Fellowes MobilePro for Ipad Pro, although more expensive on Amazon. This link to Quill has it cheaper.


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