iPad Pro 12.9" case review

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    STM Dux iPad Pro case - $69.95 (AUD)

    Build quality - 8/10 - Feels solid and the material quality is good. Thick enough that it adds heft without being bulky if that makes sense. Packaging isn't too elaborate and lets you see whip it out for a good survey before purchase.

    Fit - 8/10 - Buttons work, the headphone jack is quite recessed but the aperture would allow for most headphone connectors to fit. The end of the case over the lightning port is the flimsiest part. Same story in a lot of cases for iPad or iPhone so can't criticise too much here but for $70, you lose marks for any flimsy.

    Protection - 8/10 - I have the Apple Keyboard so there is all-round protection for the iPad with the case. It would be an odd choice if you weren't getting the keyboard cover or another cover as you leave one edge exposed. I haven't done any drop tests and don't plan to but having experienced many materials with my iPhones, which I drop inadvertently. I believe the material and build quality would reduce the damage done the iPad Pro with most drops less than 1m or 3 or so feet. Given the size of the screen and device overall, 2m or 6 feet would be a stretch.

    Appearance - 8/10 - Nothing bad about the design. It is just a black bumper with a clear back. I must confess that I am not fussy with appearance and prefer minimalist designs. Look it up online, if you don't like how it looks and every other aspect suits you then you'll be hard pressed to find an alternative currently. I wasted 5 hours canvassing the web to find alternatives because of the price of this one.

    Features - 10/10 - Pencil holder - it is not a gimmick that works sometimes. There must be a magnet because it doesn't squeeze the pencil on either side but rather there is a magnetic attachment. I haven't done my utmost to swing the pencil/case/iPad to see if it dislodges but even if you stuff the whole unit into a bag, items won't dislodge the pencil. The pencil won't fall out on its own. Other than the expose surface, it is completely protected and even the exposed surface is in a recess. There is a good depth but it doesn't feel like it has made the iPad too much larger.

    Value - 7/10 - Paying this much for a bit of TPU is not my idea of value but in the context of the iPad Pro 12.9" case market this is much better than a flimsy case from ebay for $10 which I tried. The other cases have a keyboard or cover so the only direct competitor would be the Apple Silicone case which doesn't feel as solid and would not offer the same drop protection. The pencil holder was well-thought out even though being securely held means you have to purposefully remove it, that is what you want in a pencil holder. Especially since the bloody pencil cost $165.

    Overall - 9/10 (not an aggregate or average but my own subjective scoring for the overall)- Best on the market so far if you want to keep the Apple Keyboard on at all times and have a case that covers everything else and offers solid protection to the pencil and iPad. I spent a lot of time trying to find something better.
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    The same company has a case with a cover for the 9.7 iPad Pro that will be available in 2 weeks. The only snag that I can see is there does not appear to be a typewriter position. That's one feature the speck style folio with pencil holder has. A secure pencil holder is really important and it's not clear yet how secure that feature is on the speck.

    Edit: I called Speck and the pencil is held in place by friction. The slot is made from a hard material so it shouldnt change size after extended use.

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