IPad Pro 12.9" Smart Keyboard Glitch

Discussion in 'iPad' started by xWhiplash, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. xWhiplash macrumors 68000

    Oct 21, 2009

    Does anyone experience any issues with the Smart Keyboard with the iPad Pro? Mine will occasionally flash the battery icon and make the charging sound 4 times a second when the smart keyboard is connected. Simply disconnecting the smart keyboard fixes the issue. Is there a way to stop this from happening? It is a random issue, so its not like I can take it to the Apple store and show someone. I can't seem to reproduce this reliably either. I tried partially connecting the smart keyboard, but that did not cause this issue to appear.

    Do I simply need to disconnect the smart keyboard when I am not using it? Is there anything else I can do?

  2. sracer macrumors 604


    Apr 9, 2010
    in exile
    Sorry, no. I haven't experienced that in the approximately 6 months I've owned the combo.

    Has it always done that or just started? Are the smart connector contacts clean?
  3. xWhiplash thread starter macrumors 68000

    Oct 21, 2009
    It has always done this. It seems to be completely random and it will sometimes go days without issues.
  4. xWhiplash thread starter macrumors 68000

    Oct 21, 2009
    This happened again last night. I woke up to a "ding ding ding ding" sound and it was flashing the batter charge indicator several times a second playing the charging sound. I have absolutely NO idea what is doing this. This ONLY happens when the smart keyboard is connected while the iPad display is off. I have never had it happen while I was using the device.

    Any advice or things I should try?
  5. Fuchal macrumors 68020

    Sep 30, 2003
    I would get the keyboard swapped out from Apple, it sounds defective.
  6. xWhiplash thread starter macrumors 68000

    Oct 21, 2009
    Ok. I will give that a try. You don't think it is the iPad itself?
  7. PedroAnibarro macrumors newbie


    Jan 23, 2018
    I have had the same problem with two different smart keyboards now. Does anyone found a solution?
  8. LovingTeddy macrumors 65816


    Oct 12, 2015
    It seems to me that the iPad and Smart Keyboard are not making connection correctly. The ding ding ding ding sounds is like iPad and the Smart Keyboard are trying to connect, then discounted.

    I would suggest you bring the keyboard and iPad to Apple Store. It is either the keyboard has problem or the connection point has problem.
  9. windywalks macrumors 6502

    Mar 12, 2004
    It’s definitely the keyboard connecting via the smart connector.
    Mine has been doing it since day one. It sometimes happens when my iPad is in my bag and the magnetic connection moves.
    I’ve had the iPad discharge from 100 to 25 percent a few times because of that.

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