iPad Pro 12" battery dying sooner than expected.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by weddlec, Aug 26, 2016.

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    Curious if anybody else is having this issue. I have a launch day iPad pro 12" that I use every day. I am not a pro. It is not a laptop replacement for me. It mainly gets used as a portable TV, game device, and remote desktop for my home server (mac mini). Over the past few months the battery has really been struggling. It is now to the point where it will not maintain a charge while in use and plugged it. In the car I use a 2.4 amp charger and at home I use the 12 Watt charger that came with it. The problem is intermittent but has been getting progressively worse. I have since turned off background processes and lowered the brightness to about 70%. Still drains. I recently found an app that gives raw charging data and battery health. It is reporting health at 89% (8997 out of 10088 mAh) or original battery life. My cycles are only at 149. I have an iPad Air 1 at home with 390 charge cycles that is still at 97% health.
    This iPad pro is my 4th iPad and the first one that has had these issues. Granted the others used less power, but my assumption of an Apple product is that no matter what I do with it (processor wise) it should still charge on AC power, even at 100% brightness.

    Curious if I might have an actual battery issue or if this is to be expected. My closest Apple store is 1 hour away so I am a little hesitant to go the Genius Bar if this behavior is to be expected.
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    Although your battery health is a genuine concern, the 12.9" Pro draws a ton of power. Given your usage patterns, I'd strongly recommend getting the 29W USB-C charger and USB-C to lightning cable from Apple (don't get a third party one). It will charge significantly more quickly, even while you're using it.
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    Over many years I have Learned much about Lithium batteries one of which is that even when treated perfectly they chemically degrade over time. Yours seems to be degrading much faster than normal. Get a Free Battery diagnostic from Apple. But you need to establish what is Normal wear for an iPad Pro battery and what is Abnormal because the 19 year tech girl at the Apple Store will simply say that it's normal for a battery to slowly over 12 months or so to lose capacity. As and find out after how many cycles does an iPad Pro get to 89% Health ? Also don't show the Apple Store people that App it's not made by Apple they will blame it for damaging your battery. You've been warned in a friendly way.

    I speculate that you have a early iPad Pro and that the Lithium Ion battery juice mixture was of poor quality fro who ever made the battery. And while Your iPad Pro might be less than 1 year old The battery might be 2 years old it's unknown.

    If I am carefully I actually Exceed 11 Hours on my 9.7 Pro. Spaced out over time not in one sitting.

    I'd also be curious to see what type and brand the Car charger you are using is? If not Not made by Apple feel free to never mention that to the Apple Store people So they don't void your Warranty on the spot. Or less seriously simply blame the car charger.

    Your Gonna have to Do a Full Factory Reset and Wipe everything clean fresh You may have some Corrupt unknown data that stressing the iPad Pro.

    Try also Replacing or Upgrading Your Apple Charging It's very possible That it has gone bad.
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    I think you are using you device a lot and you should continue to do so and enjoy it. In a year of so have another battery put in it and enjoy it some more.

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