iPad Pro iPad Pro 2018 and a Mechanical Keyboard case/setup on the go?


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Sep 1, 2017
Hello everyone!

Since I couldn't find any keyboard case that I really like, just by pure curiousity I started to check mechanical keyboards and I realized that those are the keyboards that I missed typing on. I mean, I still didn't try one but i feel like they have the feeling of the old keyboards that I used to enjoy using! I also like the possibility to personalise them (changing key colors..etc)

So I was thinking of something like Keychron K2 or K6. Yes I know that they are far from beeing the best mechanical keyboards, but also it will be a much better experience to type on it compared to the mushy buttons of Apple Smart Keyboard that I realy dislike.. if only i could like it as it is an amazingly lightweight keyboard case paired with a protective case for the body of iPad (I saw some that works together Apple Smart Keyboard).

So I was curious, if any one of you use a mechanical keyboard like the example i gave with your iPad pro on the go? How is your on the go set up? Do you have a case where you can fit it or is there any such keyboard which has a case/cover for the upper part if you are putting it in a bag? Or is there any Keyboard case that includes such keyboard even tho I am sure that it will be bulky.

Thank you very much!