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Oct 29, 2014
North east England
Anybody else seeing this?
When reading web pages on Safari as I scroll the page up maybe half or a full page the screen has a real lag in refreshing - it stays blank for a second or two before the text or pictures appear. Most annoying.

As i only got it on Thursday I am not sure whether its linked to the latest update IOS 9.3.1 or not - i.e. i don't think it was doing it before that update?

Most annoying and not what I'd expect from an iPad Pro.

I have tried refreshing the WiFi, it doesn't do it on my Mac so something in the iPad?

Edited to add it appears ok on Chrome browser, scrolls no problem, and doesn't do this on my iPad 2 which has not received the latest update.

hmmm, not a good start to the latest iPad!
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