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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Silver78, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Aug 24, 2013
    I use my ipad pro most of the day and think the battery drains a little to fast but the biggest problem is charging while in use....
    I can charge this ipad all day (original charger and cable) while in use and practically get nowhere.
    I can fall a sleep to a you tube playlist (even only listen with screen turned off) and still not get to 100% charge during 8 hour sleep (from 37 to 91% during 8 hours with safari running you tube in background)
    I can see the lightning cable for ipad pro is a bit longer (2meter) and thicker.
    Safari takes most my battery and cant seem to see any app draining during charge.

    You may ask why i use you tube on safari in desktop mode ...because youtube app and mobile you tube destroy the pleasure of you tube on ipad (with google im sure the do this to destroy the ipad experiance)
    Yes you constantly have to remind you tube that you do not want to change to mobile mode .....I deleted the you tube app because you will get constant reminder to go to the app.

    You tube in desktop mode on safari gives option of pip. With app no multiscreen or pip.

    I daily do report to google telling them to stop ruining experiance and go f... Them selves
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    There is a pretty detailed thread concerning the negative gains while using/charging concurrently.

    The thread isn't too far from the first page. You'll find great info there.

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