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Jun 15, 2016
Don't be nosey

In a few weeks when the new iPad Pro 9'7 inches comes out i am going be investing in one and smart keyboard i was just wondering when the smart keyboard is paired up and working how many hours do you get out of the iPad Pro.

In the past i have used a iPad and & Bluetooth Keyboard and i have just about scraped out five hours of use using the keyboard with the iPad via Bluetooth this sort of set up wasn't for me at all because i was always
charging the bluetooth keyboard and the iPad up to use.

i did decide in the end just use my mac air when i needed to do some typing because it was a lot more easier and less hassle to charge things up the time and i had more access to other things.

i'am looking for some feedback that using a keyboard for a long period of time e.g. bloggers

i just dont want to be disappointed with the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard due to a lot of typing and have the same experience with the last set up again because it was really a waste of time the mac air was the perfect solution for doing my typing when i needed too.

i still use my mac air all the time but i was just wanted to use something else when my mac air has low battery then i can just switch the iPad Pro & Smart Keyboard on and get on with what i am doing.That
situation when you have no power socket to plug in your mac air to charge up always appears some

i basically want to be able to Email,Facebook Messenger,imessage,type on the forums,


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Aug 6, 2008
San Antonio, TX
First off, you seem sure that a new 9.7" iPP is being released "in a few weeks"; I personally wouldn't hold my breath. There have been virtually no rumors/leaks to indicate that an iPad refresh is imminent, and in fact months ago it was suggested that Apple would slow down iPad releases due to dropping sales numbers.

I can't speak to the 9.7" version personally, but the Smart Keyboard has a negligible effect on the battery life of my 12.9" iPP. I leave it connected to the keyboard just about all day when I'm at work, and I am still constantly amazed at how long the battery lasts on this thing. I've never noticed the keyboard or the Pencil making it die any faster, even when I'm using it a lot.


Jul 12, 2016
There will not be a 9.7 iPad Pro debuting In a few weeks. The 9.7 Pro has been on the market since March 2016 and is highly unlikely to be refreshed this early. Maybe late 2017 at the earliest.

It is possible, but unlikely as well, the 12.9 iPad Pro could be refreshed, which would be at its one year anniversary in November.

Logitech released a back lit keyboard if your interested. Unsure of the battery life, being its newer on the market.


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Jun 15, 2016
Don't be nosey
i have been looking on "John Lewis" in the "UK" and at the moment they are offering "3 Years Warranty" for free which sounds like a good deal and to be honest you never know if the device is going to break down at all so it would make sense to get the extra warranty to save the problems too.

i have had Logictech Keyboards in the past for my mac mini and they have nothing but trouble because i keep wearing them out all the time so i don't bother with their products anymore just pointless.

i have been through 3 Logictech keyboards in 3 Years which is not really good at all really they should be lasting years with no problems at all seem they are cheaply made.

The only keyboard i have found any good that do last the time are the apple made ones they are really good and take lots of hammer and they last ages with no problems at all i have one for five years and it still going strong with no problem and i can assure you i have typed many hours on that keyboard.

Thanks for all your input it been a big help fingers crossed i should get a new "iPad Pro" in a few weeks
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