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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Eric5273, May 5, 2017.

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    I work for a small company that only has a few employees. Several years ago we finally got rid of our in-house windows server and instead we now have a subscription to a company called OnthenetOffice, which provides us with Remote Desktops for each employee and a shared central remote hard drive where we can store all our shared files. In our office we now use Thin Clients instead of regular PCs, and as soon as we turn them on, we connect to the Remote Desktop where we do all of our work. This has worked very well for us.

    For a little over a year now, I've used an iPad Pro 12.9 as my main computer at home, and I no longer have a Mac or a PC. Starting in a couple of months, I'm going to be moving a little further from the office and will be working from home some days.

    I'm wondering if I will need to purchase a thin client or laptop, or if there is some way I can manage to do my work from home on the iPad Pro. I have read a couple of threads suggesting use of the Citrix mouse with Jump Desktop, but is that just a makeshift solution for getting a bit of work done, or can that be something I do 2-3 days per week to get serious work done?

    Also, is Citrix itself a solution. OnethenetOffice does offer Citrix software as an option. I've never used Citrix (we currently use Microsoft Remote Desktop), and don't really know much about it, but Citrix seems to suggest that using their software from an iPad should be an easy solution.

    If possible I'd much rather use my iPad Pro and not complicate my life with another computer or laptop. I have no problem with the 12.9" screen size. The issue is whether or not I'll be able to get work done at the same efficiency as on a regular laptop. Can anyone give some advise? Thanks!
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    I'd say that it will be a little more challenging to use than a laptop but might be workable depending on what you do. I wouldn't want to do intensive excel work on it but email, web browsing, word, etc should be fine. If you already have the iPad, I'd give it a **** and see if you can make it work. If not, you can always buy a laptop at that point.

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