iPad Pro iPad Pro so fast I had to get a new 802.11AC Router


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Sep 2, 2015


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Aug 13, 2011
I probably need a new router. <sigh> I have cable-based Internet, and the company in question likes to bully everyone into using their routers. I declined--vehemently.

Now it's five years later. How old was your Linksys? I have one now, but occasionally when I go to stream a video, it will buffer and freeze. This is mostly on my tv, as I rarely watch videos on my laptop/iPad etc. Yet when I do a speed test, it always comes back and says that my wifi is fast. Could the router be the problem?


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Sep 24, 2009
Historically Netgear is very slow to upgrade their software to work with MacOS and iOS updates. When High Sierra was released it took Netgear months to finally release a compatible update for my Netgear Nighthawk. They did much better with Mojave and it's working. Hopefully they have learned their lesson.


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Sep 29, 2014
I went instead with a commercial firewall and multiple access points around the house. Things like your washer and dryer would land on my untrusted VLAN. iOT devices don’t live on my internal network. Neither do the devices my kids friends bring with them. A new router can be a nice thing. My router is only dual core but it does gigabit symmetrical with traffic shaping and whole house ad blocking in addition to a few other things. Enjoy your new speed.