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Discussion in 'iPad' started by MotionxxUSxx, Jun 7, 2017.

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    So I'm going to purchase the new ipad pro 10.5 and use the vmware horizon vdi app. Since my job is going to VDI, i can now use the ipad pro to do some work when I dont have my laptop or when I travel. From a bunch of research it seems the vdi app now allows you to use a mouse on the ipad pro when connecting through VDI. From my understanding it only supports the swiftpoint gt mouse. I have seen that jumpstart suppports both the swiftpoint gt mouse and the citrix x1 mouse. Any chance someone can confirm whether vmware horizon also supports the citrix x1 mouse. There seems to be conflicting info out there. The citrix x1 mouse is way cheaper and more of a standard mouse.
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    Don't like the swiftpoint? I have used both mice with jump Remote Desktop not the program you mention. The swiftpoint is actually superior in jump and Splashtop as far as accuracy and cursor movement.
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    On my 12.9 Pro, there is no option to activate the Citrix X1 mouse in VMWare Horizon. If it did, that would be killer. Works great in Jump Desktop.

    Sorry, (obviously a matter of personal preference) but the Swiftpoint is goofy. :) I heavily use the X1 with Jump and have not experienced any issues with accuracy or cursor movement.
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    I've never tried the swiftpopint, looks interesting. The main reason I wanted to use the citrix x1 mouse in vmware comes down to cost. $150 is excessive for a mouse, but looks to be my only choice. With my luck, vmware will release support for the citrix x1 after I purchase the swiftpoint.
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    my other plan was to use jumpstart to access my home mac which I could than launch vdi. Probably too much overhead.

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