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Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by fuzion11, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Hope the door didn't kick you in the butt on your way in lol

    Couple of questions my dear friends...I own an iPhone 4s...I purchased SJ's biography from Walter Issac. My first question is, if I purchased an iPad would I be able to read that book on my new iPad 2? Or is that book file only readable on the iPhone?

    Second question...If I purchased Angry Birds for my iPhone...would I need to repurchase the iPad version? I know the iPad versions are usually marked with "HD" beside the title...I'm assuming the answer to this question will be "yes, you need to repurchase it"...but hey that's what you came here for, to answer my silly questions right? Right.

    Thirdly...and up until a minute ago I hated people who asked stuff like this...but here it is...the age old question...Do I buy an iPad today or wait until the iPad 3? If it's true the iPad was coming out on Feb 23rd it wouldn't be so bad...but would suck to wait all that time only to find out it won't be out for another month or so. I'm a disgustingly impulse buyer so I'll likely buy it today, hang on to it for a year and then go ahead and pick up the iPad 4 again. From what I understand there won't be much more then a new chip set, retina, better camera and more ram....still though, the iPad 2 is still a great unit on it's own...Not sure if this was a question or me trying to make myself feel better! haha...but add your thoughts, I'd be interested in hearing them.

    Have a great weekend every buddy eh!
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    Yes, you can read the book on both iPhone and iPad

    Yes, you will have to repurchase the iPad HD version of Angry Birds if you want to use it in all of its glory

    I seriously doubt the new iPad comes out before March or April, but it could be a worthy upgrade
  3. LeeM macrumors 6502a

    Jan 1, 2012
    If you want it now buy it, I've just recently bought mine. No point always waiting for the next one or you'll never buy anything. We still don't know if there will even be an iPad 3 at all this year let alone when it will come out
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    Just read an interesting Macrumors article on the main page...it is suspected the iPad 3 will launch in March with the retina display, better battery and not much else...with the big upgrade coming with the iPad 4 in October of 2012...with "killer applications"...not sure what that means exactly...I'm sure Siri will be on there for sure though...also likely a better camera, front & back.

    So anyhow, I'm glad I purchased it yesterday...picked up a white/32g/wifi...

    I have a question....Is there any app or way my iPad will connect to my iP4s connection automatically? I remember there was a Cydia app for that a while back....but obviously can't JB either of them at the moment.

  5. chkenwing macrumors regular

    Jan 27, 2010
    I wouldn't worry about buying it now and for 3 to release in a few months time. The fact is, the first batch will always have problems and will take a while before the kinks are ironed out.

    Plus if you do ever decide to get an iPad 3, you'll still have a high resale value on the 2.
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    Congratulations on your purchase. Just FYI there are many apps that are universal. Meaning that you can install them on either device.

    The apps that are have a little plus sign next to the price.
  7. bufffilm, Jan 7, 2012
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    EVERYTHING is purely conjecture at this point as to what the next release of the ipad will have. i will say that what is the most improbable scenario is that Apple would release two new versions of the ipad in the current screen size [in the same year] with retinapad debuting first.

    btw, a lot of people are making assumptions that retinapad will come in the next ipad release. don't get your hopes up too much if it doesn't happen.
  8. fuzion11 thread starter macrumors 65816


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    Hamilton, Ontario
    Thanks for the responses everyone...Personally imho I think Apple will release the next iPad possibly on SJ's B-day (Feb 23) or shortly after. I think it'll include the retina, battery improvements, maybe more ram...hard to say if they'll include Siri or a better camera or just save them for the iPad 4 or iPad 3s or whatever they may call it...I too believe this unit will be released in the same year...possibly by fall, around an October time line.

    That's what I think, although it doesn't mean I agree with it...I think it's silly of Apple to release two iPads in the same year...the only way this would make sense to me is if one of the two had a smaller screen size...releasing one with some new features and then another with other new features (including all the previous features of the one a couple months before) is odd. But if that is the case...the iPad 4 or 5 (again whatever they may call it) will have to be leaps and bounds above the current hardware...just my two cents.

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