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    Feb 1, 2013
    I was searching the web for an answer to an Ipad question and to my delight I discovered this site. I own a Macbook but am not a very techy guy, the simplest things can puzzle me, so I am hoping I can get a few tips and a little help from here. I can promise you it will be much appreciated and amybe I can help somebody out with a non-tech dilemma. :) My question is,is there a way to see what time your texts/emails have been checked, like a log of some sort? We use an Ipad for a varsity basketball team to shoot video and keep stats on the hoops app, the head coach that owns it also uses it for some texts and e-mails. A players parent sits in the stands and logs the stats during the game, picking the Ipad up right before the game and bringing it back at the end. Recently a couple comments by a parent led us to believe that the stat keeper might have been snooping around the personal communications on the pad. I am just looking to verify my suspicions. Thanks in advance for any help, I really appreciate it. Al
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