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    Just having some issues with my work iPad. Basically it has somehow automatically obtained website data that my personal iPhone or iPad has gone to.

    This is a major issue as it is a work owned iPad and I must keep it to work related items. It can be viewed as even this website is something that should not be viewed from it.

    I have turned off ALL available iCloud stuff excluding the find my iPad tool, which is a mandatory part of having the iPad for work. I am using my personal account for the tool.

    My work iPhone is also using the same set up and is not having this issue.

    I have cleared all cookies, cache and data from Safari and still no go.

    Any ideas short of wiping it?
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    That's really strange, to be honest. I've never heard of that happening.

    Try keeping Safari in "private browsing" mode - it doesn't keep cookies or history at all - and it doesn't load them from the cache, either.

    To do this, go to the settings app > safari > private browsing > slide to on

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