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Jul 21, 2011
Since installing iOS 11 on my iPad (9.7" iPad Pro Cellular), I have noticed a significant decrease in standby battery consumption. I use a mix of MacBook Air and iPad Pro, with my iPad used less frequently, so it is common for me to pull my iPad out of my bag after not having used it for 3-4 days. Previously, it would have dropped maybe 2-3% battery per day. Now, anecdotally, I am noticing that I pull my iPad out and despite not having been used and having been 80-90% charged when I last put it away it is showing 20-30% battery, so losing 10%-20% battery per day standby.
I have not noticed any degradation of battery life while using the iPad compared to iOS 10, only when it is packed away in my bag. Anyone else seeing the same?


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Nov 29, 2013
You made a mistake in your OP. It should be “significant increase” in battery consumption. iOS 11 is a badly optimised OS and does not play nice with battery. I used to charge my 7 Plus once every 1.5 days on ios 10 and now charge it twice a day on ios 11. I had upgraded to ios 11 on my 12.9 iPad and it was draining 1% an hour in standby. Hence I downgraded back to 10 and I am keeping it on 10.

It doesn’t solve your problem but I assure you, you are not alone with battery problems on ios 11. Nothing can be done I am afraid.
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